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Pharmacist Advice and Health Services

A range of health screening services are offered at Brighton Pharmacy. For some services a fee may apply to cover consumables;

Taking an interest in your own health and early detection can improve long term outcomes of some chronic diseases such as Diabetes, heart disease and bowel cancer. Brighton Pharmacy actively supports community health programs such as Know your Numbers and Bowel Cancer Awareness.

Medication Management Services

Many of us take a number of medicines every day to either make us better or to keep us healthy. These medicines may include those prescribed by a doctor and include some that you purchase from a pharmacy, supermarket or a health food store.

When you visit Brighton Pharmacy to pick up your medicine and receive medicine information and advice, you can now access a number of services specifically designed to help you manage your medicines, or the medicines of the person you care for.
These services include: Health Screening, NDSS, Sleep Apnoea diagnosis and treatment, HMR, CMI, Dose Administration and specialist services for new mothers and baby - see details below

Consumer Medicine Information (CMI)

CMI answers common questions about your medicine: what it is for, how to use it properly, things to consider before taking it and any known side effects, using easy-to-understand language. This information will help you use your medicine safely and effectively.

If you want to know more about your medicines, ask our friendly staff for a CMI or have a chat with our pharmacist.

Dose Administration Aids (Webster-Pak)

If you use medicines regularly it can be hard to remember whether or not you have taken them. It is easy to miss a dose or to take one dose twice. It is also easy to mix-up your tablets and accidentally take the wrong ones. Mistakes like these not only reduce the effectiveness of your medicines but may lead to serious problems. One way of reducing the likelihood of making mistakes is to use a Dose Administration Aid.

Taking medication, even the most complicated and confusing dosage regimes is easy when a Webster-pak® is used. It tells you what medicine should be taken and when. Dramatically improving medication usage compliance, using a Webster-pak® can result in a healthier, happier and more independent patient. For carers, it can save you time, giving you more control and less worry! At Brighton Pharmacy your pharmacist takes the doctor’s prescriptions and tailors the Webster-pak® to meet the patient’s individual requirements.

All the pills to be taken at a particular time are safely and securely sealed within blister compartments. These are individually labelled with their contents. For example, all the medication to be taken at breakfast on Monday is placed in one blister bubble, making the checking the medication simple. When it’s time to take the medication, simply push the blister to release the contents through the foil backing. Nothing could be easier!


Ask us at Brighton Pharmacy for more information if interested in this service. A small fee applies.

Home Medicines Review (HMR)

This free service is designed to help you manage your medicines so you can get better results from them and avoid side effects. This service has been found to be particularly useful for people who take more than five medicines or who have recently been in hospital.

If you would like your pharmacist to conduct an HMR, you need a referral from your GP. The referral is given to your pharmacist, who then spends some time with you, preferably in your home, talking about your medicines. The pharmacist sends a written report back to your GP, and may make some suggestions to help you get the best out of your medicines. Your GP will then discuss the pharmacist’s report with you and may make some changes to your medicines.

Baby Club

Free weigh-in any time.

Brighton Pharmacy Baby and Child Health Club is available Monday to Friday, no appointment is necessary. The service is not available on public holidays.

There is no cost for your visit. The Red Book supplied at the hospital is required.

Making Life Easy Products (MLE)

MLE products assist in daily living and mobility to aid in your independent living. An expanded range of these products is available, just come and see our friendly staff who can assist you.

NDSS sub-agent

Brighton Pharmacy is a sub-agent for NDSS (National Diabetes Services Scheme).